2015 Winners and Finalists

2015 Islands Short Fiction Contest

Congratulations to all the winners of the 2015 Islands Short Fiction Contest, co-sponsored by the Nanaimo Arts Council, the Vancouver Island University Department of Creative Writing and Journalism, and the Vancouver Island Regional Library. Read the winning stories by clicking on the links below.

Adult (19 and over) Winners:

FIRST PLACE:Senanus Island” – Judy LeBlanc
SECOND PLACE:Chicken Soup” – Carol Gall
THIRD PLACE:A State of Repose” – Craig Spence

Nightingale” – Harold Macy
10:15 Departure” – Antony Stevens
The Other Side” – Irene Wende

Youth (13 to 18) Winners:

FIRST PLACE:The Wilting Flower” – Taelon Pinto
SECOND PLACE:The Magician” – Skylar Gruys
THIRD PLACE:Ethereal” – Rebecca Snow

Junior (12 and under) Winners:

FIRST PLACE:Rueben, Not Susannah” – Sara Lewis
SECOND PLACE:The Whisperer” –
Uma Lilly McIninch Terweil
THIRD PLACE:That Rooster” – Isabela Martin

2014 Winners and Finalists